I am in Tokyo, Japan

It was a long day and a Xanax-addled 13-hour flight from Chicago’s O’Hare to Narita airport in Tokyo, but we’re here at the Keio Plaza Hotel in Shinjuku with an Internet connection and a moment to stop and relax.

Everything’s new and different (but not really). I bought a Coke at the first vending machine we saw after arriving at the airport. It was “Refreshing & Uplifting,” which I attribute to the actual sugar they use in soft drinks here instead of high fructose corn syrup. We’ve been inundated with paperwork, badges, our hotel keycard (Jessy and I somehow got our own room), and various uniformed kindlies saying “domo” and “passport kudasai.”

She’s taking a shower right now in the bathroom, the toilet contained featuring a series of buttons, dials, and images from which you can control the water pressure of the bidet. It even is smart enough to know only to activate when you’re sitting on it, lest you get a spray of water to the face.

After this we’re off to meander. I’ve got a hankering for something to eat, and I see tiny faces poking in and out of sight from windows in other buildings. We are on the 19th of 45 floors.

An image gallery awaits below! For now, happy trails, and konnichiwa, Japan!

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5 thoughts on “I am in Tokyo, Japan

  1. rob mc says:

    Glad you made it, awesome to see you sharing your photos with the world. Go get 'em, Epo-san.

  2. Brenden says:

    Maybe Jessy should cut it down to a nom every other day.

  3. Dan Bowerman says:

    I went on that ferris wheel! By myself… Liz was buying replacement socks and underwear for the ones we forgot to pack. I was too stupid to bring a camera. It was the world's largest ferris wheel until 1996. Have fun with the toilets!

  4. dad says:

    I imagine that after a 13 hour flight, a bit of meandering is in order.

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