Down to the ground

My March 11th began somewhat unceremoniously a couple weeks ago at school with the Janitor, who I often hear snoring and making other kinds of bizarre guttural noises in the row behind me, dropping a massive box of toilet paper from a height of two feet onto the floor next to me. My neighbor teacher, who I often teach with, proceeded to shout OH IT WAS SURPRISING!!! but using Japanese where it sounds even weirder. He tells me, I thought it was an earthquake, and we laugh like little chums, ahahah, and I knock the Slinky Junior on my desk over and go BKSHHH and he grabs the arms of his chair and starts wiggling around going “guruguruguruguru” and oh it’s a big old laugh!

Then later in that day there was that whole real earthquake, which I felt ever so slightly here in Kobe, and which I turned around in my row to confirm actually existed and wasn’t just me “feelin’ weird” and there was one dude who was like “yep” and which killed like what 25,000 people which was pretty terrible.

Then until now for the last two weeks I was totally occupied with other stuff so I didn’t write in here! I’ve been working on a fan translation/localization of an old Game Boy game with some other dudes on the Internet and that’s taken a lot of time, like a big big lot, like dozens of hours. And also I left night school a couple hours early last week, and so I couldn’t write this then either! I apologize profusely, from the bottom of the geographically lowest point of my anatomy.

It’s not even worth me writing about that big earthquake really because I am sure you have read and seen more than enough, except I should say that I and everyone I know are fine, all you could see on TV for a week was news and the first show back was some bizarre variety show, everything that most media outlets have reported is really horrible, I am not glowing in the dark, there is no significant radiation, lots of people have donated lots of stuff, and everything in Kobe is fine except you can’t really find batteries anywhere and there was a toilet paper shortage because apparently distant earthquakes make hoarders poop a lot. But the other people who were really messed up by it all, I feel for ’em! That is why I donated two dollars on my Playstation to the relief cause LOL! Also bunches and bunches of clothes and other goods, which were gathered from our apartment, the MAIN COLLECTION POINT for our little charity drive, in three truckloads. My father, not to be outdone, is working with his company and some others to donate over ten thousand pounds of egg to Japan, which I anticipate is many orders of magnitude more egg than I have consumed or will ever consume in my entire life.

– I’ve been writing for five hours today and kinda don’t feel like writing this but I know I had better or it’ll just get easier not to do it next week
– I ate two pieces of string cheese today
– The weather sure is nice out there!

Spring break cruises ever onward, and I can tell it’s spring break because I actually have time for hobbies once more. Jessy and I are even watching anime again, and I’ve been flirting with the idea of completing the plastic Evangelion model I started building almost a goddamned year ago. Do you know what time of year it was a year ago, when I started building a plastic Evangelion model? I will give you one guess it was spring break. I can also tell it’s spring because the weather is getting warmer, though every time I say that it is, it becomes freezing the next day so maybe not. Our cat, who recently celebrated his six-month anniversary of beginning the total destruction of the tatami mats on which we sleep, is also enjoying his carefree life, and has been partying by lying around all over the place on everything and being so lazy.

I figure I have about three more weeks before I am fully back into the swing of teaching classes every single day, and that is goddamned fine with me. I think there is a closing ceremony here at night school tonight, though I have never attended one for this school before and neither am wearing nor possess a suit in this building. It has been suggested to me that I am most certainly “free,” meaning I can either go to the ceremony downstairs or stay in this room. I would much rather stay in this room, though they are closing the blinds and I feel like I might end up going. I do not know if they mean that they would rather I do or do not go, and I have no idea what my role or position would be. The perilous choices of an outsider.

Some guy around here has breath that smells worse than my cat’s, and you had better believe that is saying something. I theorize that his teeth, which he has presumably not brushed since the Showa era, are beginning to be frustrated with all the cigarette smoke, coffee, and raw dog kidneys he is ingesting right before bed, and have decided to secede from the union if you knowahmsahn. I am not far behind them, but have three hours to go before I can get the fuck out of here.


2 thoughts on “Down to the ground

  1. juries says:

    Japan earthquake made all of us busy that was a trembling news . We did the same thing..packing things to help our fellowmen. Keep safe cause we never till it strikes again.

  2. zach says:

    its good to hear that you are ok say hi to jessie

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