What’s NM DY?

NM DY (formerly Nom a Week) (formerly Nom a Day) is a website where I can write about my life (currently in Japan) on a roughly monthly basis in a format that is accessible to family, friends, and passers-by. No entertainment value explicitly or implicitly guaranteed!

It was called Nom a Day because I originally thought it would be fun to make a blog about food (also known as “noms”). I wrote a few posts like this, then realized writing about food only was boring to me.  It was called Nom a Week because I began writing roughly once a week, and the day part was just false advertising.  Also it was time for a facelift. It is called NM DY because I started hating Nom a Week, also I do not write once a week.

So the “nom” in Nom a Day, in this case, represents the pursuit and consumption of life’s nommable affairs: exciting and new experiences, peculiarities, boring rigamarole, and, occasionally, noms.

One thought on “What’s NM DY?

  1. zach says:

    hooray i am the first to comment
    you should totally send your brother a post card

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